The name IrishCreek Outfitters was dreamed up by me, Ron Ferguson, over 30 years ago when I was growing up near Jasper, Ontario.

As a kid I lived and breathed for the being outdoors. I was surrounded by a group of great friends who had a passion for fishing and hunting as much as I did. We would spend countless hours camping, fishing or hunting on the Rideau River and IrishCreek. By the time we were teenagers we knew every fishing hole, duck pond and deer trail in the area.

Surrounded by Moose heads, Bear mounts and racks of guns at the Army Surplus store in Jasper, Ontario, I soaked up every story of hunting and fishing trips from local guides and old friends. It was as if Red Fisher himself was leaning on the counter telling of past adventures.

Even as a kid I realized how big fishing and hunting trips were to people from around the world.

As I got older I wanted to see the tundra and the mountains and write my own stories, and so I did. At age 23, after graduating Collage as a ForestryTechnician, I moved to British Columbia to work as a Forest Fire Fighter and a lead mountain guide at a resort. A couple years later I was asked to join Search and Rescue. I was trained as a first responder for backcountry rescues in some of the remotest parts of B.C while working with some amazing team members along the way.

As time went on, and it became the norm of sitting in a helicopter or float plane and flying into the backcountry, I would smile and remember the days of hunting and fishing on IrishCreek with pals, and the stories from older gents now long gone.

I always knew I would have a guiding company back home and from my guiding expertise and experiences across Canada I knew what was there to offer and set the plan in motion to start up IrishCreek Outfitters back home in Ontario.

It was named IrishCreek Outfitters so the memories would live on of friendships made and stories told on the banks of IrishCreek.

If catching that fish of a lifetime or out smarting that huge Tom Turkey is on your bucket list then check us out. We make dreams happen.